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A Highly Dependable AMR Platform for Research Professionals

Take Your Research to New Heights

As a research professional or roboticist, your job is to create and innovate – not worry about the extraneous elements of your robotics project. Concentrating on the task at hand is the ultimate goal. It’s our job to give you the equipment you need for exploration.

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An AMR Solution Made for Exploration

Waypoint’s AMR comes fully equipped and ready for use — meaning your research remains the priority and you’re free to test your concepts. The compatibility between Waypoint’s AMR hardware and ROS software creates the ability to bypass the low-level integration processes and instead focus on the latest research project.

Waypoint Robotics understands that researcher professionals need timely quotes during the grant proposal writing process. We also understand that research is competitive, and the race to publish is a real and consequential endeavor. Our objective has always been to provide our customers with the autonomous mobile platforms and fully integrated robots that they need to reach the next level in cutting edge research.

- Jason Walker | CEO and Co-Founder of Waypoint Robotics

Available Models


Vector is an industrial strength, high quality, omni-directional, fully autonomous, mobile robot. Compact and agile, this robotic mobility platform is a ROS-Native — allowing you the openness and configurability needed to take on any robotics task.

Robot Specs

Delta — Maneuverable, Compact, Low-Cost

The Waypoint Delta is a compact, differential-drive platform with all the quality and capability our customers have come to expect. It is perfect for indoor research or commercial applications on a budget.

Robot Specs

13 Questions to Ask Before Purchasing a Robotics Platform

Every successful robotics project begins with a careful analysis of the requirements and capabilities your mobile robot needs — helping you to choose the right platform and any technology add-ons you’ll need.

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