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Waypoint CEO joins AMR panel with first look at e-commerce deployment

By: Patty Katsaros | Director of Marketing & Growth
A3 RIA AMR webinar screen shot

With the adoption of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) still in early days, many  are wondering if these flexible automation tools are a good fit for them. Often we hear questions like: How can AMRs help get more product out the door? How do companies get started with AMRs? What types of applications are best suited to mobile robots and how are small-to-medium-sized businesses deploying mobile robots?

To answer these and other burning questions, the Association for Advancing Automation (A3)  & Robotics Industries Association (RIA) convened a panel of industry experts that included  Waypoint CEO Jason Walker and executives from MIR, AutoGuide, Locus, Otto, and FedEx. The resulting round-table explored AMR technology and potential use-cases while offering viewers expert advice on how and when to deploy mobile robots:A3 Webinar autonomous mobile robot applicationsAs part of the webinar, each company showed great examples of mobile robot application.  Waypoint offered a first look at a recent project for NorthShore Care Supply, an Illinois based e-commerce distributor specializing in adult diapers. NorthShore turned to Waypoint AMRs and Numina Group WES-WCS Advanced RDS Voice Picking System to multiply output while retaining their valued, existing workforce. To accomplish this,  Waypoint Vector 3D HD autonomous mobile robots with Kingpin were deployed to pick up high-capacity custom carts that workers now use for picking with the flow optimized by Numina’s RDS system. The robots are moving continuously and autonomously charging at EnZone wireless charge stations.

Vector autonomous mobile robot, Kingpin, Numina RDS & cart at NorthShore

Early results show workers nearly tripling their order picking throughput as compared with manual picking using metro carts. And workers were engaged from the start so they not only immediately could pick more but also refine their picking processes to get the most out of the system.

Vector 3DHD autonomous mobile robot at NorthShore


Register via the A3 website to access a recording of the webinar and check out the RIA Robotics Online blog for a full summary and transcript.

Reach out to us  for more information on this application or any questions on Waypoint’s fleet of AMRs including Vector & MAV3K.

Patty Katsaros | Director of Marketing & Growth

Patty has over 20 years of marketing experience in the world of manufacturing, leading successful marketing and sales campaigns for several major organizations. In her work, she has helped small to medium-sized manufacturers focus their marketing on effective digital and in-person efforts that attract leads, nurture qualified prospects, and provide sales with more opportunities to close business.

Before coming to Waypoint, Patty served as the Owner and Principal Consultant at P.H Koules Consulting, where she led sales and marketing initiatives for manufacturers in the greater Boston area. In this role she spearheaded major brand development, web development, digital marketing, and SEO efforts, improving lead generation and sales for her clients.

How AMRs & Voice Picking Transformed an Operation

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