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Case Study: How Medical Supply Company Quickly Doubled Output with AMRs

By: Patty Katsaros | Director of Marketing & Growth
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NorthShore Care Supply, a leading supplier of critical medical supply equipment, needed to quickly increase productivity due to growing demand and recent COVID-related order spikes. They required a solution that could be rapidly deployed by their valued workforce without major distributions to their facility or workflow.

NorthShore turned to top-tier systems integrator The Numina Group and Waypoint Robotics to develop an easy to use system that could be scaled as NorthShore continues to grow. The resulting system – Numina’s Real-Time Distribution Software (RDS™) Voice Picking Suite directing workers and Waypoint’s Vector AMRs pulling custom carts- was quickly adopted by Northshore workers and has more than delivered on substantially improving output for NorthShore in a relatively short period of time.

This success story caught the attention of Bob Trebilcock, industry veteran and Editorial Director of  Modern Materials Handling (MMH), a leading supply chain publication.  In his cover story, Bob beautifully outlines the project details and timeline while showing how the value of boosting productivity goes beyond just increased sales. The system is helping NorthShore fulfill its promise of same day shipment of critical medical supplies to customers in need while NorthShore workers get more done with more energy left at the end of each day.

See first-hand how it all came together in Bob’s exclusive webinar & roundtable interview with Adam Greenberg President of NorthShore Care Supply, Jason Walker CEO Waypoint Robotics & Dan Hanrahan, CEO Numina Group . Free to register! 


MMH Cover Vector_Northshore Care Supply

Read MMH’s feature article to see how combining The Numina Group’s Real-time Distribution Software (RDS™) Voice Picking Suite with Waypoint Robotics Vector AMR + Kingpin and EnZone wireless charging technology created a unique solution that is realizing a 100% (and counting) productivity increase with 99.99% accuracy. Additionally, MMH provides an inside look at the moving parts of the optimized NorthShore Care distribution center and presents a full list of suppliers that supported this system integration.

NorthShore Vector AMR- loading cart

To learn more about the system deployed at NorthShore or to schedule a live virtual demo to see Vector, MAV3K, & EnZone in action,  please contact us today.


Learn more about project partner and systems integrator  The Numina Group and leading adult diaper supplier and end user Northshore Care Supply.

Patty Katsaros | Director of Marketing & Growth

Patty has over 20 years of marketing experience in the world of manufacturing, leading successful marketing and sales campaigns for several major organizations. In her work, she has helped small to medium-sized manufacturers focus their marketing on effective digital and in-person efforts that attract leads, nurture qualified prospects, and provide sales with more opportunities to close business.

Before coming to Waypoint, Patty served as the Owner and Principal Consultant at P.H Koules Consulting, where she led sales and marketing initiatives for manufacturers in the greater Boston area. In this role she spearheaded major brand development, web development, digital marketing, and SEO efforts, improving lead generation and sales for her clients.

How AMRs & Voice Picking Transformed an Operation

Access our latest webinar to learn how NorthShore Care Supply doubled output with Vector AMRs

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