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14 Trends Shaping the Future of Manufacturing

Manufacturing Trends

Advances in technology are changing the way nearly every industry operates.  As manufacturers look to stay competitive in the marketplace, they are constantly searching for the latest and greatest inventions, strategies, and systems.

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Why Include the Workforce in Factory Automation?

Jason Walker speaking to SupplyChainBrain

At Waypoint, we talk a lot about the importance of designing robots for workers. Why do we think is this so important? We know that to ensure success, people MUST be included in any automation strategy.

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Industry 4.0: Smart Factories & What That Means For You

Vector HD: _600lb capacity mobile robot

Manufacturers of all sizes are searching for ways to improve processes that make them faster, more efficient, and cost-effective to compete in today’s global economy.  Increasingly, they are turning to automation for continued productivity gains.

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Adding Robots in the Workplace Requires Robots Built FOR the Workforce

As companies struggle to attract and retain needed talent, they are turning to automation to make up for the shortfall.

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