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The Waypoint MAV3K Beta Program is Here

By: Jason Walker | CEO & Co-Founder
MAV3K omnidirectional autonomous mobile robot

We’re looking for a select group of customers to purchase MAV3K™ beta units and evaluate its performance in their use cases. Feedback from these key customers will allow Waypoint to refine the details of the MAV3K™ design, so that it can more precisely meet the needs of our customers as we move into production.

At Waypoint Robotics, we place a very high priority on designing products for the manufacturing workforce, and focus heavily on user experience. However, there is no substitute for real users in the real world, to maximize the potential of a new product.

The MAV3K™ beta program enables our customers to get an early look at the MAV3K™ autonomous mobile robot, get a head-start on developing payloads and applications, and be poised to hit the ground running when full production starts later this year. It also tightens the feedback loop between Waypoint and our customers, so that the product we deliver is a perfect fit for the applications our early adopters will be tackling first.

About MAV3K™

  • Fully autonomous navigation using SLAM technology
  • 3000 pound payload capacity
  • Omni directional mobility
  • Waypoint Dispatcher™ Expert software included for fast, easy setup
  • Waypoint Whistle™ included for common sense robot control
  • 3 Stage safety system included
    • Dual safety rated lidars, safety rated relays, safety rated contactors, and fail-safe friction brakes
  • i7 navigation computer included
  • Dual 2D safety rated lidars included for 360 degree navigation and obstacle detection
  • Optional 3D perception package available
  • 4kWh smart battery system included
    • 24V system power
    • 8 hours typical working runtime
    • 120VAC / 220VAC smart charger
  • Optional Waypoint EnZone™ wireless charging and on-demand power system
  • GPIO and auxiliary power connections included
    • 6 digital inputs, 6 digital outputs
    • Optional additional GPIO lines (as many as you want)
  • Optional 120VAC onboard inverter(s)
  • Optional DC-DC converters available
  • Waypoint Embedded™ robot controller and embedded electronics included

Beta program enrollment schedule

  • Application survey available: May 10, 2019
  • Application submission deadline: May 24, 2019
  • Beta program customers selected: May 31, 2019
  • Beta program customers will receive full details on program timing, pricing, and delivery schedules

MAV3K Beta Application Request

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