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Mobile Manipulation Unit Delivered for MassTLC’s 5G Robotics Challenge Sponsored by Verizon and Ericsson

By: Patty Katsaros | Director of Marketing & Growth
Waypoint Robotics Mobile Manipulation Unit

To support winners of the MassTLC 5G Robotics Challenge sponsored by Verizon and Ericsson, Waypoint Robotics delivered a mobile manipulation platform to the 5G Lab at the Alley in Cambridge, MA. The mobile manipulation robot, comprised of Waypoint’s flagship Vector autonomous mobile industrial robot and quick-swappable UR5 payload, will be leveraged by the challenge winners to develop robotics solutions bolstered by 5G technology.

This first-of-its-kind challenge asks teams to create 5G-powered robotics technologies in three key areas: industrial automation, collaborative robotics (cobots), and warehouse automation. As part of the program, winners will be able to utilize the Vector mobile manipulation platform as needed and will have access to dedicated 5G networks at Verizon’s 5G Cambridge Lab and 5G Waltham Lab, as well as 5G training and mentorship from Verizon and Ericsson.


“We are excited to support the 5G Robotics Challenge winners who are working to accelerate robotics development with the advantages offered by 5G technology and mobile edge computing” said Jason Walker, CEO Waypoint Robotics. “This is a great example of the thriving New England Robotics community working together to push forward innovative technologies that will have real benefits for the workforce and the companies they work for.”

After a strong response to the call for proposals, the winning teams were announced by MassTLC  in early February and include university teams from Northeastern and University of Massachusetts Lowell; as well as four start-ups: Ava Robotics, GreenSight, RealBotics, and Southie Autonomy.  Winners of the 5G Challenge each received $30,000 in grant funding to create insights, develop new use cases, and conceive innovative products that will advance the robotics industry by leveraging the unique speed, bandwidth and latency benefits of Verizon’s 5G technology and Mobile Edge Compute.

The volume of ideas and creativity proposed during the submittal process underscores a thriving greater Boston robotics community. Challenges like these with support from organizations like MassTLC, Verizon and Ericsson help fuel this growth. Waypoint Robotics will continue to contribute to the robotics community by offering advanced technology that is easy to use for both the industrial workforce and entrepreneurs alike who are putting real robots to work in the real world.

Contact us to learn more about this mobile manipulation unit as well as Vector, MAV3K or any other Waypoint Robotics product.


Waypoint Robotics mobile manipulation unit 2Waypoint Robotics mobile manipulation unit and custom shelvingVector with shelving

Patty Katsaros | Director of Marketing & Growth

Patty has over 20 years of marketing experience in the world of manufacturing, leading successful marketing and sales campaigns for several major organizations. In her work, she has helped small to medium-sized manufacturers focus their marketing on effective digital and in-person efforts that attract leads, nurture qualified prospects, and provide sales with more opportunities to close business.

Before coming to Waypoint, Patty served as the Owner and Principal Consultant at P.H Koules Consulting, where she led sales and marketing initiatives for manufacturers in the greater Boston area. In this role she spearheaded major brand development, web development, digital marketing, and SEO efforts, improving lead generation and sales for her clients.

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