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Stanley Unveils New Robotic Arm Adapter

By: Jason Walker | CEO & Co-Founder
Robotic arm adapter

Created for fast assembly, enhanced functionality, and improved aesthetics, Stanley’s new CuffLink-RK robotic arm adapter gives you the ability to elegantly unite your Kinova arm with your Robotiq gripper while at the same time vastly improving the look and functionality of your manipulator system.

The new robotic arm adapter —CuffLink-RK — is the latest creation from robotics engineers working in the Stanley labs. The idea for the new adapter technology came after Stanley engineers realized there was a better way to connect the two pieces of industry-leading equipment.

“The CuffLink-RK will help you realize the full potential of your infinitely rotatable robotic arm, faster and more efficiently than ever before,” said Jason Walker, CEO and co-founder of Stanley Robotics.

Traditional methods of connecting Kinova’s robotic arms to Robotiq’s world-class grippers resulted in a clunky connection that left cables and wires exposed, requiring the archaic use of zip ties and duct tape. The problem with having exposed wires and cables is that often they can adversely affect the kinematics of the arm or even worse, get hung up on the surrounding environment, which can severely impact functionality. Additionally, untethered cables and wires can prevent your manipulator from being infinitely rotatable — a major selling point of the Kinova actuators.

In terms of aesthetics, Stanley’s CuffLink-RK is an exact color match for the beautiful Kinova arm. It is also an exact match in terms of geometry and proportions. Another major feature of the CuffLink-RK is that it allows for quick and easy installation (just a few screws, and no cables to route), a benefit that can save you valuable time during implementation.

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Jason Walker | CEO & Co-Founder

Jason Walker is the CEO and co-founder of Waypoint Robotics. Prior to founding Waypoint Robotics, Walker was the Vice President of Operations at Stanley Innovation, as well as co-founder and Director of Operations at CyPhy Works, a leading persistent drone company. Walker holds a BS in electrical engineering with a specialization in robotics and control systems from Kansas State University. With over 15 years of experience in the robotics industry, Walker’s accolades include awards for multiple academic robotics competitions, as well as multiple patents for various robot-related technologies.

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