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Stanley Presents Dispatcher-SDK: A Game Changing System for Setup and Development of Your ROS-Native Mobile Robot

By: Jason Walker | CEO & Co-Founder
ROS Robot Configuration System

Stanley Robotics presents Dispatcher-SDK — a portable work station designed to ensure your autonomous mobile robot is up and running in no time. Don’t spend weeks configuring and chasing bugs related to the IDE (Integrated Development Environment) — Dispatcher-SDK comes pre-configured and is paired with your Stanley mobile robot, giving you time to focus on the most valuable work.

Dispatcher-SDK harnesses the power of the latest processors and GPUs. It comes preconfigured with the integrated development environment setup and software to interface with all components of your mobile robot.

A Robotics Work Station with Seamless Setup and More

Stanley’s Dispatcher-SDK comes pre-configured with the right version of ROS — making it a truly turnkey experience in the following areas:

  • User Experience – You can put your new Stanley robot to work right away using Dispatcher; creating a route is as simple as to pointing and clicking on a map. Waypoints can be added with the click of a mouse, or by teaching the robot where to go using a game controller. Just drive the robot to the place you choose, and press the “X” button on the gamepad. Dispatcher-SDK provides you with the visual feedback you need to get your robot working fast.
  • Affordability – Dispatcher-SDK comes ready to use — saving you time and money on configuration and setup. It’s a faster and less expensive tool that allows your team to focus on what’s really important. It is also a key part of Stanley’s strategy of making robots more financially and technologically accessible.
  • Size and Shape – Compact and portable, Dispatcher-SDK is an on-the-go robot configuration system designed for use anywhere you need it. Dispatcher-SDK makes your workstation just as mobile as your robots.
  • Developer-friendly – One of the most time-consuming and laborious parts of a robotics project for a developer is setting up the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and associated tool chain. Stanley’s Dispatcher-SDK workstation ensures that your IDE and robot are preconfigured to work together. And because Dispatcher-SDK and Stanley Robots are all open source, ROS natives, there’s no limit to what you can do with them.

Dispatcher-SDK and Stanley’s family of autonomous mobile robots are designed to instantly accelerate any robotics project that requires autonomous mobility or advanced robotic manipulation.

Why spend years developing your autonomous mobile robot? With Dispatcher-SDK and Vector you’re ready to go. Contact us to talk about your next robotics project.

Jason Walker | CEO & Co-Founder

Jason Walker is the CEO and co-founder of Waypoint Robotics. Prior to founding Waypoint Robotics, Walker was the Vice President of Operations at Stanley Innovation, as well as co-founder and Director of Operations at CyPhy Works, a leading persistent drone company. Walker holds a BS in electrical engineering with a specialization in robotics and control systems from Kansas State University. With over 15 years of experience in the robotics industry, Walker’s accolades include awards for multiple academic robotics competitions, as well as multiple patents for various robot-related technologies.

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