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By: Jason Walker | CEO & Co-Founder

September 12, 2018 (MERRIMACK, NH)

— Waypoint Robotics was recently profiled for an article by Valence Insights, a featured tech blog on Valence sent their writer, Kevin King, to Merrimack to meet the team and see what Vector is all about.

Co-founder and CEO Jason Walker took King through our New Hampshire offices and work area where all Vectors are built. King was even offered the chance to take Vector for a spin through the shop, where he discovered just how truly easy to use it is.

An excerpt from the article:

What really sets Waypoint apart is how easy the Vector is to use. That didn’t happen by accident and it’s more than just a product requirement — it’s Waypoint’s design philosophy. But the next layer of the onion, the “why” is what’s most interesting. Waypoint started with the workforce, and made their needs, their experience, the guiding light for designing the products; not just in terms of workflow and user experience, but from a cultural and sociological standpoint.

The article focuses primarily on the empowerment of the workforce via a powerful autonomous mobile robot. Waypoint built Vector in an effort to fill the employment gap in warehouse and industrial settings, and give the current workforce a new skill set they can add to their repertoire.

You can read the entire article HERE.

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Waypoint Robotics designs and manufactures robots in Merrimack,  NH, an area renowned for robotics innovation. Waypoint is building autonomous mobile industrial robots — real robots for the real world.

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