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Waypoint’s Vector Wows Crowd at Mass Innovation Night 110

By: Jason Walker | CEO & Co-Founder

Mass Innovation Night 110 was one for the ages — and Waypoint was on hand for it all, presenting before a packed crowd inside Draper Laboratory along with several other impressive robotics, wearables, and artificial intelligence startups.

A few of our favorite fellow startups showcasing cool innovations included Meeting Owl a 360° intelligent video conferencing camera (a product we use and love here at Waypoint, by the way), a company that specializes in a “smart bra” designed for heart monitoring, a company that produces personal thermostats designed for heating or cooling of the body, and a startup that builds mini-robots capable of navigating pipes and detecting leaks — a tool the company believes will be incredibly valuable for municipalities with aging infrastructure.

In  addition to a night full of networking, the evening featured presentations from the top four vote-getters leading up to the event and Waypoint was one of them.

As the evening’s final presenter, Waypoint CEO Jason Walker shared Waypoint’s mission.

“It’s a pivotal time for manufacturers in America,” explained Walker. “Not only is there an unprecedented demand for their products, but simultaneously there is an unprecedented tight labor market, along with pressures from globalization. The need to automate is existential.”

But one of the biggest barriers to entry for automation in the workplace through the years, according to Walker, is the fact that robots have traditionally been difficult to set up and operate, and been out of reach for a lot of companies due to a high price tag.

Walker said Waypoint is solving these challenges by focusing on “ease of use” and the creation of our flagship autonomous mobile robot, Vector.

“(Vector) can show up on your dock in a crate, and in 30 minutes or less it can start navigating around your building all by itself.”

And with the assistance of Waypoint’s new cloud-based fleet management tool called Dispatcher — Walker said Vector is even more accessible than ever.

“The way the system works is when you get it out of the box you drive it around like a remote control car … you create a map of the building and you save the map,” he said. “Dispatcher will guide you through this process.”

Watch the entire MIN 110 presentation here (Jason’s talk begins at 32:30):

Rounding out the night was an awards presentation where organizers recognized the products on display that were voted as their favorites by the people in attendance. Waypoint earned second place!

If you didn’t get a chance to check us out at Mass Innovation Night 110, feel free to contact us to learn more about our growing list of robotics products.

Jason Walker presenting Vector at MIN 110

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