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Empower Your Workforce and Improve Your Operations with an OmniDirectional Robotics Solution

Large-scale problems deserve high-level solutions. Waypoint Robotics builds advanced, omnidirectional, autonomous industrial robots that are easy to set up and simple to use. They serve as reliable and trustworthy tools for your workforce. Waypoint’s manufacturing robots help large-scale commercial and industrial companies achieve improvements in workflow efficiency, material handling, and a range of other valuable processes.

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An Easily Integrated Industrial Robotic Solution

Large-scale manufacturers are ripe with innovation, but more often must depend on humans to do non-value-added or tiresome tasks — whether it’s loading and unloading material or transporting subassemblies from one assembly line to the next. But evolving manufacturing robotics technology is reducing the need for the  workforce to do these low-value, but essential tasks so they can focus on what they do best. Waypoint’s autonomous robots can be easily integrated within any existing workflow or infrastructure — saving you valuable time, and most importantly, causing no disruption in production.

We hear over and over that flexibility in conveyance systems is the reason customers are searching for autonomous mobile robots. It's counter-intuitive that so many vendors offer rigid, closed systems to a market that is clamoring for the opposite. Our systems, in contrast, are robust and reliable, but also flexible and open.

- Jason Walker | CEO and Co-Founder of Waypoint Robotics

Available Models

Vector — Compact, Industrial Strength, OmniDirectional Autonomous Mobile Robot

Vector is an industrial strength, high quality, omnidirectional, fully autonomous, mobile robot featuring an industrial strength chassis, omnidirectional mobility, and compact design for use in any setting. Vector has two options for payload capacity -- 300 lbs and 600 lbs, so it’s ready to move what you need moved.

Robot Specs

MAV3K™ — Industrial Strength, OmniDirectional, Autonomous Mobile Robot

MAV3K™ is an autonomous mobile robot (AMR) for manufacturing. It features an industrial strength chassis, a 3000 lb carrying capacity and omnidirectional mobility that enables astonishingly smooth and nimble movement of your heaviest materials.

DELTA — Maneuverable, Compact, Low-Cost

The Waypoint Delta is a compact, differential-drive platform with all the quality and capability our customers have come to expect. It is perfect for indoor research or commercial applications on a budget.

Robot Specs

13 Questions to Ask Before Purchasing a Robotics Platform

Every successful robotics project begins with a careful analysis of the requirements and capabilities your mobile robot needs — helping you to choose the right platform and any technology add-ons you’ll need.

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