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CuffLink-RK – Uniting Plug + Play Grippers with Sexy,  Simple & Safe Arms

A Better Way to Connect Industry Leading Equipment

Waypoint's CuffLink offers you an elegant, fast way to adapt industry leading equipment for advanced robotic manipulation. This innovative new adapter integrates seamlessly with Kinova's award-winning robotic arms and Robotiq’s world-class adaptive grippers.

Created for enhanced functionality and improved aesthetics, our CuffLink gives you the ability to create a beautifully designed robotic manipulator without any exposed cables or wires. More importantly, it allows you take full advantage of Kinova’s infinite rotation capability and precise actuators, because there are no wires, cables, or duct tape restricting the movement of the arm. Take a more polished approach and avoid the archaic use of zip ties and duct tape.


Achieve a seamless install and save valuable time during implementation —realize the full potential of your rotatable robotic arm, faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Mates any Kinova arm with any Robotiq two-finger gripper

Eliminates the need for externally run cable harnessing

Eliminates restriction of the arm's range of motion

Supports the rated payload of all Kinova arms

CuffLink-RK supported by an open source repo

Full simulation model including unactuated DOF

Kinova’s robot arms set the standard in service robotic manipulation. Light, compact, and power-efficient, theses plug-and-play manipulators pave the way for brand new robotic applications

Robotiq's two-finger grippers have higher grip strength, higher precision, force feedback and limiting, and an all aluminum design making them much stronger than other grippers

Custom Solutions for CuffLink-RK

Interested in customization? Contact us to learn more about our integration options with CuffLink-RK – enabling the user with advanced control, manipulation, vision and sensing options. We can integrate custom solutions into your adapter, allowing you to be up and running right out of the box.

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