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Dispatcher-SDK — A Robot Configuration, Operation, and ROS Development Workstation

Expedite ROS Development, Enhance Configuration, and Accelerate Usage of Autonomous Mobile Robots

Offered by Waypoint to expedite ROS development, as well as configuration and usage of our autonomous mobile robots, the Dispatcher-SDK eliminates the time that a developer would normally spend to setup and debug the IDE (integrated development environment). Instead of spending weeks configuring and chasing bugs related to the IDE, the Dispatcher-SDK allows developers to get started immediately.

The Perfect Companion for Dispatcher

Vector is an out-of-the-box, industrial strength, omni-directional mobile robot. As a fully autonomous navigational robot, Vector gives you the openness and configurability needed to take on any robotics task.


Portable design

Turnkey configuration

High quality visual graphics

ROS preinstalled

Financially accessible

User-friendly controls

Developer-friendly architecture

Simplifies setup

When you buy a robot system from Waypoint, the Dispatcher-SDK and the robot are paired, so there’s no frustration with configuring software, routers, and wireless devices. We have solved all of the compatibility problems with computer hardware, software, missing libraries, and ROS drivers. Dispatcher-SDK lets you hit the ground running, allowing you to spend more time doing the work that really matters.