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Dispatcher™ — An Easy to Use Tool for Robot Setup and Fleet Management

Designed for the people who put Waypoint robots to work

We created Dispatcher™ for one reason -- to make our robots easy to setup and use. With Dispatcher, the workforce of today can get Vector or MAV3K autonomous mobile robot setup and doing work in a matter of minutes. Dispatcher is served from the robot (not the internet) and accessed using a web browser on any computer, tablet, or even the smartphone in your pocket.

Dispatcher is offered as freemium Software as a Service (SaaS), which means you only pay as you go, for what you use, and you always get the latest Dispatcher updates, without having to worry about it. Dispatcher SaaS makes it easy to get started with automation and scale your fleet of robots as your business grows.

Dispatcher Professional Tier is built into every Waypoint robot and included at no extra cost. All of the tools needed to set up and use the robot are included and free over the air (OTA) updates are provided for as long as the hardware will support them. Dispatcher features the Whistle™ HMI (Human Machine Interface) application designed to make controlling Waypoint AMRs as easy as operating an elevator. Whistle can be easily set up on phones, tablets, or laptops and added to a machine, workstation, or directly onto the robot if desired.

To save customers additional time and solve specific operational requirements, Waypoint offers Industrial and Enterprise tiers. These levels enable customers to easily scale without paying for extras that are not needed. With a three tier freemium pricing structure, Dispatcher is intended to speed up deployment and save our customers’ valuable time:

Tier 1: Professional
Included with all Waypoint AMRs - Ideal for getting started quickly

  • Set up and maintain robots and EnZone chargers
  • Includes Whistle HMI creator and HMI application
  • Built for easy integration - ERP, MRP, WMS, WES, PLC, GPIO modules, MODBUS, socket devices
  • Task queuing- single robot
  • Free OTA Updates*

  • Tier 2: Industrial
    Expanded functionality and time-saving tools for multiple robots**
  • Professional Tier +
  • Task queuing - multiple robots
  • Mission scheduler
  • Multi-robot visualization
  • Virtual stoplights & virtual express lane mode
  • Robot data (maps, missions, waypoints, etc) synchronization tool

  • Tier 3: Enterprise
    Best option for scaling to multi-robot fleet deployment
  • Industrial Tier+
  • Fleet level task allocation and queuing
  • Centralized fleet visualization and management
  • Automatic, continuous, real time data sync, fleet level scheduling
  • Realtime robot to robot routing information sharing
  • Multi- robot Hive Mind™ swarm behaviors & collaboration
  • Fleet performance data analytics

    * Free “over the air” updates for Waypoint products require a temporary internet connection.

    ** Activation of Dispatcher Industrial and Enterprise product tiers require temporary internet connections.

  • 15 Minutes to Autonomy

    Dispatcher is a powerful tool that enables workers to get Waypoint omnidirectional, autonomous mobile robots doing in real work in the real world in under 15 minutes.  Dispatcher gives you the flexibility  to take on any robotics task. It’s everything you need, and nothing you don’t need — accessible, flexible, scalable, and futureproof.


    Setup Waypoint autonomous mobile robots and EnZone chargers in minutes

    Use on any laptop, tablet, or smart phone

    No internet connection required for set up or use

    Common sense user interface

    Always up to date (free over the air updates as needed)

    Financially accessible upgrades: Software as a Service (SaaS) pricing

    Always improving features and functions

    Built for easy 3rd party integration

    Includes Whistle HMI creator and application


    Tier 1: Professional - Ideal for getting started quickly. Included

    Tier 2: Industrial - Expanded functionality & time-saving tools for multiple robots. SaaS- $ priced per robot per month

    Tier 3: Enterprise - Best option for scaling to multi-robot fleet deployment. SaaS - $$ priced per robot per month