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EnZone™ — Wireless Charging and Energy On Demand.

Autonomous & Opportunity Charging for the Factory of the Future

EnZone™ is a non-contact charging and energy delivery system that ensures maximum availability of your mobile robot fleet by providing safe, reliable, and maintenance-free autonomous charging.

With EnZone autonomous wireless charging, your autonomous mobile robots will charge themselves. The AMRs will manage their own batteries so you don’t have to worry about it. You can be confident that your robot will be charged and ready to work at the start of each shift.

EnZone offers the ability for opportunity charging, turning wait times into charging time by adding EnZones to mission end points as well as on-demand energy to supply energy for robot arms and other payloads when and where it's needed.

Charging Made Easy

EnZone works with your workflow. It is easy to set up and reconfigure so your robot can charge when needed and continuously perform its required tasks.

EnZone ensures a smooth operation by providing safe, reliable, maintenance-free autonomous wireless charging that enable Waypoint AMRs to take care of their own batteries. You can be confident that your robot will be charged and ready to work at the start of each shift.

EnZone uses resonant wireless charging with Adaptive Impedance Matching by WiBotic.


Resonant wireless charging with Adaptive Impedance Matching by WiBotic

300 Watts of charging power

Contactless energy transfer for safe, reliable, and maintenance-free charging

Requires no infrastructure changes or heavy drilling to set up

Connects to standard 110 V / 220 VAC outlets

EnZone Transmitter - 30-inch height standard.

EnZone Receiver - mounted on Waypoint AMRs

Many to many architecture- any robot can charge with any transmitter


30-inch extension modules available for greater visibility and improved ergonomics

Multiple transmitter / receiver configurations available

Configurable charging profiles for custom payloads

Custom Configurations for EnZone

Contact us to learn more about integrating EnZone wireless charging into your autonomous mobile robot workflow. We can help you create a system that will keep your robots operating for longer periods of time, without having to take them out of service for charging.

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