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MAV3K™ — Industrial Strength, OmniDirectional, Autonomous Mobile Robot

Autonomous Mobile Robot for Industry

MAV3K™ is an autonomous mobile robot (AMR) for manufacturing and distribution. It features an industrial strength chassis, a 3000 lb carrying capacity and omnidirectional mobility that enables astonishingly smooth and nimble movement of your heaviest materials.

MAV3K comes equipped with Waypoint’s easy to use Dispatcher software allowing it to be set up and autonomously operating in under 15 minutes. MAV3K’s safe and powerful batteries keep it moving through the longest workday. And Waypoint’s EnZone wireless charging system enables MAV3K to charge itself, so you can forget about batteries and charging.

MAV3K’s dual safety rated LiDAR sensors, 3 stage safety system and superior autonomous navigation ensures MAV3K will safely find its own way from A to B so you can focus on what you do best.

With products like MAV3K and Vector that offer best-in-class navigation capabilities, a heavy-duty metal construction, omnidirectional movement, and fully autonomous navigation, Waypoint continues to provide better robots for real-world manufacturing environments.

An AMR for the Factory, Warehouse, Distribution Center, and More

MAV3K™ comes fully equipped and ready to use. We design and build autonomous mobile robots for the people who will put them to work. Whether you’re the shipping & receiving clerk working on the dock, or an entrepreneur reinventing your supply chain – you can put MAV3K to work immediately.

Standard Features

Fully autonomous navigation using SLAM technology

3000 lb payload capacity

Omni directional mobility

Mecanum wheels enable movement in any direction and any orientation

Waypoint Dispatcher™ Expert software included for fast, easy setup

Waypoint Whistle™ included for common sense robot control

3 Stage safety system included comprised of dual safety rated lidars, safety rated relays, safety rated contactors, and fail-safe friction brakes

i7 navigation computer included

Dual 2D safety rated lidars included for 360 degree navigation and obstacle detection

GPIO and auxiliary power connections included for integration with other equipment: 6 digital inputs, 6 digital outputs,

Waypoint Embedded™ robot controller and embedded electronics included

ROS-native system architecture

Options and Upgrades

3D perception package

Waypoint EnZone™ wireless energy system for autonomous charging, opportunity charging, and on demand payload power

Optional DC-DC converters available

120VAC onboard inverter(s)

Optional additional General Purpose I/O lines (as many as needed)

Conveyor Deck Top Module

Kingpin™ Lift Deck and Cart Connector

A-Eye Camera for precision alignment and docking

Driving/Observation Camera

Integrated Cobot Arm

MAV3K Shelf System

Custom Solutions for MAV3K™

Contact us to learn more about integrating mobile manipulators, conveyor systems, shelving, and other custom solutions into your autonomous mobile robot.

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