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Thank you for your interest in Waypoint Robotics — a Locus Robotics Company. This Request a Quote form helps us learn a bit more about your project, goals, and how we can best support you. In the comments section, please include the features and functionality you are considering from each of the three categories.

Platform Options

Vector 3D HD

Vector autonomous mobile robot (AMR) with 600 lbs. payload capacity.

VECTOR™ 3D HD — Industrial Strength, OmniDirectional, Autonomous Mobile Robot


MAV3K autonomous mobile robot (AMR) with 3000 lbs. payload capacity.


Vector – MM

Vector- MM autonomous mobile manipulator


Advanced 3D Perception Included

The Vector & MAV3K product lines include an intuitive autonomous navigation system, safety rated LiDAR sensors and 3D LiDAR perception package. Vector 3D navigates in dynamic, real-world manufacturing environments. 3D perception allows Vector to detect objects of all shapes and sizes in all directions up to 90 meters away for more complex environments.

Please describe your payload, use case, and environment as well as specific processes that you would like automated to achieve your goals. We will be happy to put together a package that fits your needs.

  • EnZone Wireless Charging
  • Shelving System
  • Kingpin Lift Deck/Cart Connector
  • Conveyor Deck Top Module
  • A-Eye Camera for Precision Alignment
  • More Info

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