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How NorthShore Care Supply Used Vector & Voice Picking to Double Output


NorthShore Care Supply is a leading e-commerce supplier of high-absorbency adult diapers and incontinence supplies. With growth of over 30% per year since 2017, Northshore needed to quickly scale operations to meet demand. To accomplish this, Waypoint Robotics omnidirectional autonomous mobile robots were deployed to enable workers to rapidly boost output.

Waypoint’s Vector 3DHD AMR equipped with Kingpin top modules pick up high-capacity custom carts for workers to use in the picking process. This speeds up order fulfillment and saves workers from having to handle extremely heavy carts and walk long distances to pick orders from throughout the warehouse. To optimize picking workflows, The Numina Group’s Advanced Real-Time Distribution & voice picking system directs the Waypoint AMRs and people throughout the facility. And to ensure the robots are always ready the AMRs autonomously charge at EnZone wireless charging stations throughout the day.

With Kingpin, Vector can automatically load and unload payloads, as well as connect to a variety of carts throughout the facility. This provides Northshore the flexibility and agility required to quickly adapt to shifting demand. Workers tripled their order picking when they moved from manual push carts to picking with the Waypoint and Numina automated system. Overall, NorthShore doubled outbound boxes per labor hour with a 99.9% accuracy rate. And with NorthShore workers still playing a vital role in optimizing the picking, packing and automation processes, NorthShore anticipates an additional 25–50% improvement in operational efficiency.

Waypoint’s industrial-strength, omnidirectional AMRs offer unprecedented flexibility and ease of use, enabling workers to boost productivity and transform their operation.