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Vector 3D HD with Conveyor Deck Top Module video #2


This video shows Waypoint’s Vector 3D HD omnidirectional autonomous mobile robot with an integrated conveyor deck top module quickly loading and unloading materials.

Waypoint’s AMR Conveyor Deck enables automatic transfer of materials from a conveyor onto Waypoint Robotics omnidirectional autonomous mobile robots. Adding a Conveyor Deck to Waypoint’s Vector or MAV3K means you can quickly automate loading and unloading operations and carry out scheduled pick-up and delivery tasks. The Waypoint Conveyor Deck requires minimal time to set up and is interoperable with a variety of PLCs and other third-party controllers throughout your facility.

Waypoint AMRs can dock in any orientation and quickly handshake with your existing conveyor equipment for rapid transfer of materials. Combine a Conveyor Deck with the Waypoint Kingpin™ lift deck top module, and the conveyors can be automatically adjusted to meet a variety of facility conveyor heights.