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Waypoint Robotics Product Overview – 2019


Waypoint Robotics is designing and building robots that the workforce of today can put to work immediately, to add to their own capabilities, increase their own efficiency, and strengthen their companies. This video features Waypoint Robotics growing family of industrial strength, autonomous robots and supporting products. Included in this video:

Vector – A fully autonomous, omnidirectional mobile industrial robot with a 300lb or 600 lb payload capacity

MAV3K– an industrial strength, autonomous mobile robot with a 3000lb carrying capacity and omnidirectional mobility that enables smooth and nimble movement of your heaviest materials.

Dispatcher – Web-based, easy to use, setup and control software application.

Waypoint Whistle- Common sense controller for daily use of Vector and MAV3K.

EnZone – Wireless charging system for Vector and MAV3K. Enables wireless charging, opportunity charging, and power on demand for payloads. Eliminates power and battery concerns for users.

Cufflink – Seamless integration of a Kinova arm & Robotiq gripper


With products like MAV3K and Vector that offer best-in-class navigation capabilities, a heavy-duty metal construction, omnidirectional movement, and fully autonomous navigation, Waypoint is providing better robots for real-world manufacturing environments.