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Why You Should Use an Omnidirectional Autonomous Mobile Robot (full length)


Originally presented at ProMatDX 2021, this video shows why an omnidirectional AMR is the ideal choice for workers looking to quickly move materials, deliver goods, and load and unload payloads so these workers can focus on more valuable work. You’ll see first hand how easy it is to get our Vector & MAV3K AMRs autonomously navigating in 5 minutes with an insider’s look at our intuitive Dispatcher software and Whistle HMI controller.

The compact but powerful Vector AMR with a 600 lb payload capacity and Kingpin top module pick up carts, lift materials, and quickly deliver parts Waypoint’s 3000 lb capacity MAV3K efficiently moves even heavier loads. Also featured is our easy to use, omnidirectional 7DoF mobile manipulator that enables workers to automate repetitive tasks like machine tending, packaging, and testing. And we show the importance of contactless autonomous charging with our EnZone advanced wireless charging system.

From connecting to carts to unloading materials onto a conveyor, you can see how workers can use omnidirectional AMRs to make their lives easier and help increase overall productivity.