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Vector-MM™ Omnidirectional 7 DoF Mobile Manipulator

User-Friendly, Collaborative, & Flexible for Manufacturing & Logistics

Waypoint Robotics has teamed with Productive Robotics to make mobile manipulation accessible for everyone. Waypoint’s omnidirectional, 7DoF mobile manipulator is easy to use for workers on the job today. The Vector 3D HD omnidirectional autonomous mobile robot with 3D perception and tightly integrated 7 axis cobot makes it not just the easiest, but also the most capable mobile manipulator available for manufacturing and logistics applications.

Vector’s omnidirectional mobility enables fast, precise docking and movement in any direction or orientation so the Productive Robotics OB7 arm can perform accurate and precise picking and placing tasks, taking full advantage of the cobots’ 7 degrees of freedom and superior dexterity.

Getting started with the mobile manipulator is fast and easy. The Vector AMR and OB7 cobot both feature no code tools that make setup simple and intuitive. And the Waypoint EnZone provides on demand energy and opportunity charging for longer run times. The mobile manipulator has a unified 3-stage safety system so workers can deploy it worry-free. The ease of use, flexibility, and cost effective design of this mobile manipulator makes this a real automation option for workers in businesses of all sizes.

A Mobile Manipulator for Factories, Warehouses, Labs, and More

Waypoint’s mobile manipulator provides the flexibility and fast docking that workers need to quickly set up the mobile robot to pick up and move materials. Whether you’re building products on an assembly line or monitoring experiments in a lab environment, you can get Waypoint’s mobile manipulator working for you immediately.

Standard Features

Vector 3DHD omnidirectional AMR

Fully integrated Productive Robotics OB7 cobot arm and gripper (1000mm reach; 5kg arm payload)

EnZone™ wireless receiver & charging dock included for autonomous opportunity charging and energy on demand

Waypoint Dispatcher™ Professional software included for fast, easy setup

Waypoint Whistle™ HMI creator and application included for common sense robot control

Waypoint Embedded™ robot controller and embedded electronics included

Data camera for live view and still frame photo capture

Driving camera for remote teleoperation with reticle driving aids

A-Eye camera for fast and precise docking

One set of precision docking markers included

3D lidar included for 3D perception, 360 degree navigation, and obstacle detection

GPIO and auxiliary power connections included for integration with other equipment: 6 digital inputs, 6 digital outputs

Omnidirectional mobility enables fast, precise docking

7 Degrees of Freedom offers advanced dexterity

Extremely easy to set up and operate with no-code programming

Unified 3 stage safety system

Dual safety lasers for 360 degree coverage

Always up to date (free over the air updates as needed)

Built for easy 3rd party integration

Options and Upgrades

Dispatcher Tier 2 Industrial SaaS - for maximum control and coordination of AMR movement

Dual EnZone charging system - for faster recharging and more mobile productivity

Extra EnZone transmitters for opportunity charging in more places

Custom payload plate trays for holding specific parts

External GPIO modules - for control and monitoring of doors, machines, and equipment offboard the robot

Additional sets of precision docking markers

Kingpin lift mechanism for additional vertical reach

Floor Dock for millimeter precision during critical pick and place

Payload Plate Dock for millimeter precision during high payload, long reach, critical pick and place jobs

Conveyor top module for interfacing with other machinery

2nd A-Eye Camera - dual A-Eye cameras allows Vector to do precision docking on two sides of the robot

Dual gripper for OB7

OB7-Stretch - 1250mm reach; 4kg arm payload

OB7-Max 12 - 1300mm reach; 12kg arm payload

OB7-Max 8 - 1700mm reach; 8kg arm payload

Ballast weight for Vector AMR - for high payload, long reach, pick and place jobs

Optional auxiliary power supply for customization and powered payloads

Custom Solutions for Vector-MM™

Contact us to learn more about integrating conveyor systems, lift decks, and other custom solutions into your mobile manipulator.

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