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Vector — Compact, ROS Native, Omni-Directional, Mobile Robot

ROS-Native Robot for the Laboratory or Factory

Vector is an industrial strength, high quality, omni-directional, fully autonomous, mobile robot. Compact and agile, this robotic mobility platform is a ROS-Native — allowing you the openness and configurability needed to take on any robotics task.

As a smaller version of Stanley Innovation's Flex OMNI platform, the Vector features an unparalleled payload capacity, as well as a unique capability that enables you to position your robot as desired. Never worry about runtime, as Vector's power system has been architected for all-day assignments.

An AMR For the Factory, Bakery, or Laboratory

Vector comes fully equipped and ready to use. We design and build for the people who put the robots to work. Whether you’re an entrepreneur making the next great robotic payload, or the shipping & receiving clerk working on the dock – you can put our robots to work.


Pre-configured PC for advanced ROS capabilities

Dual Scanning Laser Range Finders

Electronic Braking System (EBS) for failsafe operation

Enhanced safety architecture

Substantial payload capacity (300 lbs.)


Compact configuration

Precision, industrial, planetary gearbox

Roll degree of freedom allows operation over cracks, depressions or bumps of up to 1” without losing 4 points of contact

Mecanum wheels allow for motion in any direction

Easily reconfigurable

Highly efficient propulsion system allows for long runtime

Ideal for equipment transportation, inventory transport, production lines, warehouse applications


Optional auxiliary power module - choose the Voltage(s) you need

3D perception system

Robotic arm and gripper

Custom actuator or lift table

Custom payload plate

Custom Solutions for Vector

Contact us to learn more about integrating advanced control, manipulation, vision and sensing into your Vector. We can integrate custom solutions into your platform, allowing you to be up and running right out of the box.

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