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How Vector & Voice Picking Technology Transformed Warehouse Automation Process

Vector AMR, Voice Picking & Warehouse Automation Webinar

The Waypoint Robotics Vector is renowned for its autonomous, omnidirectional capabilities and user-friendly interface that has made automation easier and more accessible for countless industries. But what happens when you combine the easiest-to-use mobile robot on the market with the latest in voice picking technology?

In this webinar, Waypoint co-founder and CEO Jason Walker explains how Waypoint used its Vector, Kingpin, and EnZone automation technology to help transform warehouse operations for a national direct-to-consumer corporation, with help from the Numina Group’s RDS Warehouse Control and Execution Systems and Voice Picking technology.

This webinar covers the complete process, from initial space and technology evaluation to AMR deployment and warehouse automation. You’ll hear directly from the customer — Northshore Care Supply — on how this game-changing system enabled them to quickly double output.

Other highlights of this discussion include:

  • How a workforce-first mentality helped speed AMR adoption, improve project outcomes, and boost ROI
  • The importance of scalability when integrating automation technologies
  • How Vector and Kingpin can be easily customized and integrated with countless other technologies
  • Why automation is achievable for nearly any operation
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