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15 Minutes to Autonomy

Waypoint Robotics makes AMRs that can be deployed in minutes, and get to work immediately. This video shows how fast and easy it is to setup a Vector (or MAV3K) using our Dispatcher software.

Vector 3D with Mobile Manipulation

This video shows a Waypoint Vector autonomous mobile robot with 3D perception and a swappable mobile manipulation payload. The robot is autonomously navigating and dropping off parts at various work cells. Vector is designed for the Workforce, to be a tool that they use directly. We have made it exceptionally easy to setup and use. We spent about 10 minutes creating this program using the UR5 programming interface and the Waypoint Dispatcher software.

MAV3K- 3000lb Capacity Industrial Strength, Omnidirectional AMR

MAV3K is an industrial strength, autonomous mobile robot featuring a 3000lb carrying capacity and omnidirectional mobility that enables smooth and nimble movement of your heaviest materials.

Vector is an out-of-the-box, industrial strength, omni-directional mobile robot. As a fully autonomous navigational robot, Vector gives you the openness and configurability needed to take on any robotics task.

Waypoint Vector with 3D perception: a fully autonomous mobile industrial robot. Vector is an out-of-the-box, industrial strength, omni-directional mobile robot. Vector is easy to setup and intuitive to use.

The Waypoint EnZone wireless power system for Vector & MAV3K. Enables wireless charging, opportunity charging, and power on demand for payloads. Eliminates charging and battery concerns for users.

Waypoint’s Whistle is a common sense controller for daily use of Vector or MAV3K that is included with Waypoint Dispatcher software.

Waypoint Robotics is designing and building robots that the workforce of today can put to work immediately, to add to their own capabilities, increase their own efficiency, and strengthen their companies. This video features Waypoint Robotics growing family of industrial strength, autonomous robots and supporting products.

This playlist features Waypoint CEO Jason Walker and others talking about their passion for making robots that are designed for the workforce who are on the job today.