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The world of manufacturing is changing—and so too is the warehouse industry. The proud and capable workforce needs every tool they can get to stay competitive in a highly automated, global economy. Waypoint Robotics is empowering that workforce with industrial strength, highly accurate Autonomous Mobile Robots that provide consistency and repeatability unlike any other warehouse robot on the market today. Waypoint robots can autonomously navigate extremely large spaces without the need for expensive and complex infrastructure installation; so you can put our robots to work immediately.

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An AMR Solution Made for Autonomous Operation

The Waypoint Vector comes fully equipped and ready for use — so adding it to your operation won’t slow things down. The Waypoint Dispatcher makes it easy for you to setup and operate. And Vector is a ROS Native, so it will always be flexible and future-proof.

It used to be true that robots were reserved for the titans of industry, but not anymore. Waypoint has created industrial grade robots that are accessible to everyone. We want to give workers and small business owners the technological leverage they need to compete. No talented tradesperson wants to spend his or her time pushing a cart when they could be focused on more valuable tasks.

- Jason Walker | CEO and Co-Founder of Waypoint Robotics

Available Models


Vector is an industrial strength, high quality, omni-directional, fully autonomous, mobile robot. Compact and agile, this robotic mobility platform is a ROS-Native — allowing you the openness and configurability needed to take on any robotics task.

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The Waypoint Delta is a compact, differential-drive platform with all the quality and capability our customers have come to expect. It is perfect for indoor research or commercial applications on a budget.

Robot Specs

13 Questions to Ask Before Purchasing a Robotics Platform

Every successful robotics project begins with a careful analysis of the requirements and capabilities your mobile robot needs — helping you to choose the right platform and any technology add-ons you’ll need.

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